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Earn Money Online in India without investment

How to Join?
  1. Click here and then click register.
  2. Fill the required details.
  3. In Alertpay/Paypal email, enter your same email ID again and click continue.
  4. Now, check your email inbox for validation code and copy-paste it in the registration form.
    (If you don't see the email in your inbox, check your junk/spam folder.)
  5. Enter the verification code and click finish registration.

How to Earn Money?
There are 3 ways to earn money from neobux :
  1. Click Ads and earn money for every ad you see.
    • Login to neobux.
    • Click "View Advertisements"
    • Click the orange box and then click the red dot inside it.
    • A new tab will open. Wait till the bar at the bottom of the page loads.
    • Then, close the tab and click the remaining ads in the same way.

  2. Invite your friends to neobux.
    • Use this link to invite friends:
    • Replace the blue text with your neobux username. Then send it to your friends via email, facebook, etc. When people join neobux using your link, they become your Direct Referral and you will get commissions when they click ads.
    • NOTE: You must do this only after being a member for atleast 30 days and clicking atleast 100 ads. Without fulfilling these two requirements, you cannot have direct referrals.

  3. Rent referrals from neobux.
    • When you click ads on neobux, you will also earn neopoints. You can use these neopoints to rent referrals who earn money for you.
    • To rent referrals, first add funds to your rental balance. Convert neopoints into money and increase your rental balance. You need atleast $0.60 to rent your first three referrals.
    • You can also use your main balance for this purpose.
    • To rent referrals, click your username and then click referrals.
    • Select the number of referrals you want to rent and purchase it
    • To see your rented referrals, click the man wearing a yellow hat at the top right corner.
IMPORTANT: You must click the 4 orange ads everyday to receive
                    commissions from your direct and rented referrals.

How will I receive payments?
After earning money on neobux, you can transfer it to your bank account using alertpay or paypal. Neobux will send your earnings to your alertpay/paypal account first, from there you can transfer the money to your bank. If you don't have alertpay/pp account, you can create it easily by going to (or) It is absolutely free. Alertpay/Paypal is like an online bank, which allows you to send and receive payments using the internet.

Tips to earn more from neobux:
  1. Install AdAlert
    • In neobux, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click AdAlert.
    • Select your browser and install the addon.
    • Now you will receive a notification when new ads are available.
    • Click the neobux icon to see the new ads.

  2. Enable sound notification
    • After logging into neobux, click personal on the left menu.
    • Scroll down to adalert settings and choose any sound for new advertisements.
    • Enter your password in the password confirmation and click save changes.
    • Now, you'll hear a sound when new ads are available.

  3. Visit the Neobux forum
    • Neobux has a forum where you can discuss with other members, ask questions etc.
    • There is a lot of useful information on the forum. Visit frequently and you will learn alot.
    • To view the forum, click the forum button at the top of the page or click here.
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